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InfoTracer is a company that provides comprehensive online records searches in many categories. They have been dedicated for years to systematically gather more databases, sources and data center links to provide their members with the highest possible level of investigation services.

Practically anything except for the very sensitive personal information such as financial and credit card data can be found on the internet. Other than that, you may be able to uncover a lot of data about mostly anyone.

You will be able to lookup information about people in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom - they have the most databases and data centers available for these three countries. Also, they have a number of options for people living elsewhere in the world.

They have three levels of membership options.

Begin taking advantage of these resources at InfoTracer. Visit InfoTracer


Public background search and accomplish your background check quickly and accurately.
Screen criminal records for when you want to bring in established records operators.
Website privacy to survey this site's privacy details and visitor policy agreement.
Background check problem solver available when you need to consult with an online screening documenter.
Top records verification services for screening services for your national or local public database query.
Criminal search screener you can bring in a first-class search auditor.

It only takes a minute to run a criminal background search on someone. You can quickly find out if someone has a legal record by searching through state and local civil records, court records and crime files.

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